Monday 19 September 2016

Music as code talks

I've been giving talks about music theory and code for a few years now, so I thought I'd collect them all together in one place. They are based on Overtone and my Leipzig music composition library.
  1. Functional Composition, about music theory from sine waves through to canons, given at Lambda Jam 2013 (code).
  2. Kolmogorov Music, about music and complexity theory, given at Strange Loop 2015 (code).
  3. Dueling Keyboards, about temperament and tuning systems, given at Clojure eXchange 2015 (code).
  4. Klangmeister, about my online live coding environment, given at FlatMap 2016 (code).
  5. African Polyphony and Polyrhythm, about music from the Central African Republic, given at Strange Loop 2016 (code). Slides are online.
  6. It Ain't Necessarily So, about the psychology of musical perception, given at Curry On 2018 (code). Slides and demo are online.
  7. Birdsong-as-code, about the music theory of birdsong, given at Strange Loop 2023 (code).
 If you're interested in my personal music, check out Whelmed (code) or this performance with keytar accompaniment.

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